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This product was ethically sourced and fairly traded. A proud member of the Fair Trade Federation and Green America, we work with women artisans who would not otherwise have access to export markets, offering economic opportunity for them, their families, and their communities.

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Imagine a bracelet that changes the life of a Guatemalan rural family . . . forever. That is what these BRACELETS FOR CHANGE do!!! With the purchase of each bracelet you provide a job and income for rural women in Guatemala, eager to feed and educate their children and partner with a Guatemalan woman to split the cost of providing clean water, healthy food, and a safe home for her and her family. Each bracelet buys a different product:
- Earth (dark brown) 4 bracelets = 1 organic garden to grow nutritious herbs and vegetables
- Water (dark blue) 6 bracelets = 1 eco-filter for water to keep bacteria out and the family healthy
- Sky (light blue) 34 bracelets = 1 solar energy kit (two light bulbs and a phone charger) to help with homework and chores once the sun goes down
- Fire (rust) 18 bracelets = 1 smokeless stove to keep the home cleaner and healthier

  • Wax-coated cotton thread
  • Metal button clasp 
  • Each bracelet sold separately 


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Product Reviews

Well Made

By April created on 26-Jul-13

This is a well made bracelet. It is a little bit big for my arm but I have smallish wrist. Everything else is excellent. Great quality and beautifully made.

Very pretty

By Kathy Sorge created on 01-May-13

They are so pretty. I hope my daughter & my daughter-in-law. Love them too. What better message on Mother's Day, to spread happiness &. Security. To a lot of women all over this world.


By Sheri created on 04-Apr-13

Ordered two of the bracelets. Love them. Very comfortable to wear. Can be worn in shower etc without fading or running. Considering ordering more. Also received within a couple of days of order time to my suprise.


By Mila created on 26-Mar-13

Beyond helping a Guatemalan family, the Bracelets for Change are perfect arm candy and look fabulous together. So trendy and an excellent gift for all ages. I could not be happier with my purchase.

Global Goods Response:
Mila, don't you just love when fashion and philanthropy go hand in hand! We are so happy you are pleased with your purchase!

Sturdy, cool bracelet

By alex created on 16-Jun-12

I got this for my 17-year-old nephew for Christmas six months ago, and he hasn't taken it off since. He says he doesn't even take it off to shower, and it's in really good shape. My friend bought one, too, and it's clear they're very well made and sturdy. I dig the metallic button closure. I'm about to order two for myself as soon as I finish typing this review.

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