Global Goods Partners' educational mission is to raise awareness of the economic, social, and political challenges that face the global artisans with whom we work. This part of our website offers you the chance to dive deeper into the topics that relate to expanding economic opportunities for women in low-income communities around the world.

A Definition
Fair trade is both a market-based approach and a social movement committed to improving conditions for the working poor around the world and promoting responsible stewardship of the environment throughout the production process.

In Practice
Fair trade has gained greater prominence in the U.S. for commodities like coffee, chocolate, and tea. For these goods, fair trade focuses on eliminating middlemen in order to guarantee a price floor for producers in the marginalized communities and in allocating subsidies for community development.

The fair trade crafts market is growing steadily yet remains smaller than the market for commodities. This is because uniform fair trade standards are not feasible as the production process for crafts can vary significantly. Fair trade products–including GGP products–are characterized by being produced by artisan groups that offer fair wages, are committed to fostering open and democratic workplaces, and respect the environment and health of their communities.

Our Commitment
Global Goods Partners has long-standing, established relationships with its community-based partners. We personally vet each organization to ensure that artisans receive a fair living wage and work in safe conditions. Our partners offer not only sustainable jobs and income, but they also provide services ranging from health, education, human rights, and vocational training programs to improve the long-term prospects of the women with whom they work. For us, fair trade is about empowering woman artisans and their families to determine their own futures and make a positive impact in their communities.

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