Maasai Women's Development Organization, TanzaniaOur producer partners are community based organizations, social enterprises and artisan cooperatives that pair the production and sale of handcrafted items with local development programs to improve the quality of life in their societies. Our partners are addressing long-term solutions to the social, political and economic inequities that exist in their communities and countries. They uphold core fair trade principles and use revenue to offer programs and activities that advance long-term, sustainable development. Learn more about all of our partners here.

Apply to Be a Partner

In evaluating potential partners, Global Goods Partners considers the following:

1) The situation of the artisans and their community: Are they socially or economically marginalized or vulnerable? This can include women, indigenous populations and those living in poverty.

2) The impact and effectiveness of community-development programs: Is there a clearly demonstrated commitment to the long-term development of the local community through regular service, education and training programs?

3) The production process and quality of items: Are products consistently high quality and marketable and produced according to Fair Trade principles? Are they representative of the culture and traditions of the community in which they are made? Do any of the products take into account environmentally responsible production processes?

At this time, we are not able to bring on new partners. If you believe that you fit our partnership criteria and would like to submit an initial survey to be contacted when we expand our programs in your region, please click here.

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