Handcrafted, Fair Trade Products Made By Women Around The World

Our producer partners are community based organizations, social enterprises and artisan cooperatives that pair the production and sale of handcrafted items with local development programs to improve the quality of life in their societies. Our partners are addressing long-term solutions to the social, political and economic inequities that exist in their communities and countries. They uphold core fair trade principles and use revenue to offer programs and activities that advance long-term, sustainable development. This is what we refer to as social change.

Our development approach:

  • Embraces the wisdom of women, youth and other members
  • Advocates for leadership from the ground up
  • Encourages economic development through self-sufficiency
  • Focuses on the most marginalized communities in the Global South

Our global artisan groups:

  • Are managed by local leaders (most often women) and demonstrate democratic governing principles
  • Maintain a strong focus on the well-being of women
  • Address long-term solutions to social, political and economic inequities
  • Promote individuals' basic human rights, including the right to food security, shelter, education and healthcare for women and their families
  • Address the needs of the most marginalized populations while preserving the local environment
  • Engage their communities in advocacy to hold local governments accountable
  • Provide leadership and skills training
  • Provide programs including literacy for women; education for families and children; business training and microenterprise development; and early childhood development

Our artisan partners uphold core fair trade principles by:

  • Paying fair wages in a local context that are agreed upon through dialogue and participation
  • Providing clean, safe and healthy workplaces
  • Respecting the environment
  • Helping marginalized women and families earn a fair and reliable income
  • Offering public accountability
  • Supporting workplaces that are democratic and foster open and trusting communication
  • Developing producer independence through capacity-building
  • Ensuring that children's participation is child-centered rather than forced and does not impact their well-being, education or need for play


We have direct and regular communication with all of our partners and have met with all of them -  including extensive site visits to a majority of the partners to learn firsthand about their program activities and enterprise operations.

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